Art and Experience: “The Prince” cast and crew meeting event was held on Wednesday 3 August in Cinema Museum.

Written and Directed by: Mahmoud Behraznia Director of Photography: Bernd Meiners Editing: Margot Neubert-Maric Original Music: Bertrand Lucian Cantat Sound Recorder: Clara Buschmann-Behraznia Sound Mixer: Pierre Brand Producer (Iran): Nahid Salimian Production Company (Iran) : Clatinfilm Producer (Germany): Thorsten Neumann Production Company (Germany): Eikon Nord GmbH

Synopsis: It’s 1997 and Afghanistan is controlled by the Taliban. Seventeen-year-old Jalil Nazari finds refuge in Iran, where he ekes out an existence doing odd jobs. One day luck comes his way and he lands the starring role in an Iranian feature film. The film, ‘Djomeh’ directed by Hassan Yektapanah is selected for the 2000 Cannes Film Festival where it wins the ‘Golden Camera’ award, thus hurtling Jali towards unexpected horizons…