Art and Experience: Finnish director Aki Kaurismaki’s 2002 comedy-drama “The Man Without a Past” will be screened at the Cinematheque of the Tehran Museum of Contemporary Art on Wednesday.

Iranian critic Majid Eslami, who selected the film to be screened, will attend the screening, which will begin at 4:30 p.m.

The film, which was Finland’s submission for the Academy Award for Best Foreign-Language Film in 2002, begins with an unnamed man arriving by train to Helsinki.

After falling asleep in Kaisaniemi Park, he is mugged and beaten by hoodlums, and is severely injured in the head, losing consciousness. He awakes and wanders back to the train station and collapses in its bathroom. He awakes the second time in a hospital and finds that he has lost his memory. He starts his life from scratch, living in container dwellings, finding clothes with help from the Salvation Army and making friends with the poor.

Source: Tehran Times