Art and ExperienceIranian film ‘The Lost Strait’ has been set to enter the domestic market of home entertainment.

The flick is to open its way into home market from December 26, 2018.

‘The Lost Strait’ succeed to rake 60 billion Rials at the domestic ticket window.

Produced by Saeed Malekan and directed by Bahram Tavakkoli, ‘The Lost Strait’ (Abu Ghuraib Strait) is set in the last days of the war just before Iran accepted UN Resolution 598, which ended the war on July 20, 1988.

Starring Javad Ezzati, Amir Jadidi, Mehdi Pakdel, Ali Soleimani, Mehdi Qorbani and Hamid-Reza Azarang, the film depicts how Iran’s Ammar battalion battled against the Iraqi forces in an unequal encounter in the Abu Ghuraib Strait near Dehloran in Iran’s Ilam Province.

‘The Lost Strait’ attended the 36th edition of the Fajr Film Festival successfully and grabbed awards (Crystal Simorgh) for Best Director, Best Sound Recording, Best Make-Up, and Best Special Effects.

Source: ifilmtv