Art and Experience: In Yorgos Lanthimos we trust. The director behind “The Lobster,” one of the 25 Best Films Of 2016, is one of our favorite working directors, and it’s no surprise his next movie, “The Killing Of A Sacred Deer,” is one of our 100 Most Anticipated Films Of 2017. And now he’s giving us yet another reason to get excited as he heads to the small screen.

THR reports that Lanthimos is going to AMC to direct “On Becoming A God In Central Florida” (great title) starring Kirsten Dunst. George Clooney is among the producers for what’s being described as an hour long dark comedy (no doubt, given Lanthimos oeuvre) set in the ’90s that follows Krystal Gill, who finds her path to the American dream through a pyramid scheme, after going bust with minimum wage job at an Orlando theme park after her husband passes away, leaving her with nothing. Okay, we’re in.

Robert Funke and Matt Lutsky will pen the project, but it’s not yet clear if Lanthimos will helm the entire series, or just the pilot, while executive producing the rest. But his involvement means we’ll be watching.

Source: theplaylist