Art and Experience: “Invasion” poster which was made by Babak Yadegaran unveiled. The last film of Shahram Mokri will be on screen of Art and Experience in Autumn.

The poster in Persian and English has been published in Art and Experience magazine which can be bought in Newsstand from now.

The story is about the fact that someone’s been murdered and the police is investigating in a stadium, the crime spot. They have arrested the murder suspect and they just try to find out the murdering procedure, however, it is quite complicated and the friends of the murdered person are not to be very collaborative.


مجله هنروتجربه شماره اول


Abed Abest, Babak Karimi, Elaheh Bakhshi, Behzad Dorani, Mohammad Sareban, Pedram Sharifi, Levon Haftvan


Shahram Mokri, Nasim Ahmadpour