Art and Experience: Iranian filmmaker Yasser Talebi won the Best Director of a Short Documentary award for his film ‘The Iron Dream’ at the 2017 Nice International Filmmaker Festival.

The film won the prestigious award in its first international appearance, reported.

Talebi’s work was nominated for the best director and best producer award, but only managed to win the former.

The documentary recalls the story of travels by Masoud Jamali, an Iranian-German researcher, who lives in Nurenburg and decides to visit Iran to narrate the story of an event which determined the fate of Iran, Germany and many European countries.

On this railway trip, he studies the reasons of the construction of the countrywide railway of Iran by elite European engineers.

The Film Festival International is a group of festivals founded by Carl Tooney and based in a number of locations around the world: London, Nice, Madrid, Tenerife, Berlin, Milan and Amsterdam.

Tenerife was the first festival to be founded as part of the group, in 2006, and Berlin is the latest, founded in 2016.

The festivals aim to give independent film makers an opportunity to showcase their works, network with their peers and submit their works for awards.