Art and Experience: “The Human Surge” screened last year at the Locarno International Film Festival, where it picked up the top prize in the “Filmmakers of the Present” sidebar. Now, Argentinian director Eduardo Williams’ first feature will open in theaters in the United States on March 3. In celebration, IndieWire is pleased to debut both the film’s official poster and trailer.

The film takes viewers on a trip through three different countries and continents: Argentina’s capital city of Buenos Aires, Mozambique and the Philippines. The story focuses on the three main characters’ relationship with technology and how it has caused a lack of interaction with the real world around them. Cast members include Sergio Morosini, Chai Fonacier, Domingos Marengula, Rixel Manimtim, Manuel Asucan, Irene Doliente Paña, and Shine Marx. The film contains Spanish, Portuguese and Filipino dialogue. The original title is Spanish is “El Auge del Humano.”

In his review of the film, our Eric Kohn lauded the film for its ambitious nature, writing: “The slow-burn, meditative quality of the movie can make it a tough sit, but each new phase enhances the gamble of the project as a whole. The formats shift from Super 16mm to digital video as its world keeps opening up to new locations. The movie pushes forward in a daze, lost in its characters’ lives. Their ennui lacks the same degree of intrigue as the transitions that pull it all together; still, it’s just smart enough to hint at the possibilities at Williams’ disposal once he sharpens up his narrative abilities.”

Source: indiewire