Art and Experience: The Head of Iran Organization of Cinema visited the Visual Media Institute. In this visit, he talked with the institute’s directing manager and other experts regarding the efforts done on the matter of VOD and Portable Cinema.

According to ICN, Mohammad Mehdi Heidarin, along with some of ICO managers and executives, met with Mostafa Abtahi, the directing manager of Visual Media Institute, in person, and overviewed the efforts done for the VOD and Portable Cinema projects.

Appreciating all the activities at this institute, Heidarian said: “VOD is, in fact, a much longer and yet much more fruitful for our cinema. My focus and hope are concentrated on this field.”

He insisted: “Our real market in the film industry is here, and the other small markets should do their best to improve this section.”

He also mentioned: “Our cinema and our theaters make people interested to find and use whatever they want in these orders and connections. Therefore, our plans for VOD are so extensive. We should reach our goal by providing the best facilities for the users and also pay attention to all aspects of this system.”

The Head of ICO noted: “We will have some meeting next week which will take place based on the priority of the matters, such as the legal obstacles in this section. Then we will deal with the matter of supporting this project and we will try to find the best approach. In our future meetings, we will finalize VOD projects and all the matters related to it, and formalize the suitable general policies for the better improvement of this project.  In this meeting, Mr. Mostafa Abtahi, directing manager of the VMI, and Mr. Manzari and Rahmani Aghdam gave us a comprehensive explanation about VOD and portable cinema, and also regarding the institute’s policies for developing these two goals, in addition to supporting home video as a popular and effective independent media.

Jalil Akbari Sehat, IOC Head’s consultant, Ramezanali Heidari Khalili, IOC Deputy, and Majid Meschi, Cinema Shahr Directing Manager, accompanied Mr. Heidarian in this visit.

Source: irancinenews