Art and Experience: Iranian short animated piece ‘The Fox’ directed by Iranian filmmaker Sadegh Javadi was awarded at the 14th edition of the World Animation Film Festival.

‘The Fox’ won the best short film award in competition with 39 other animated films, at World Animation Film Festival in Bulgaria’s coastal city of Varna.

‘The Fox’ is about a young and lively fox that is caught by a hunter when experiencing its first love. The hunter puts a bell around the fox’s neck and returns it to the woods. The bell prevents the fox from hunting and living its normal life in the woods and it soon realizes that its only way to survive is to be tamed and go back to the hunter.

The history of the World Animation Film Festival in Varna dates back to the late 1970s. Following the political changes in Bulgaria of 1989, the forum was discontinued. In 2011 it was brought back to life by a group of lecturers and students from the New Bulgarian University. They met the support of the Ministry of Culture, the National Film Center, the Bulgarian National Television, the Bulgarian National Radio, and the Municipality of Varna.

Source: Mehrnews