Art and Experience: The fourth European Film Week will be held online from November 7 to 16, 2020 with the screening of 16 films online.

According to the public relations of Art and Experience Institute, the fourth European Film Week will be organized online by Art and Experience Institute of Iranian Cinema, EUNIC (European Union National Institutes for Culture) and the Hashure platform for the first time.

European Film Weeks, which have been physically held in Iran for the previous three film weeks, will be held online this year (2020) due to the spread of the Corona virus worldwide and the obstacles of holding physical events. for this aim, Hashure platform has taken the responsibility over the online screening of the films. This is the first official collaboration between Art and Experience Institute and Hashure, which will have other joint programs in the future.

The fourth European Film Week will be held from November 7 to 16, 2020. In this program, in addition to showing 16 prominent European films online, live review and analysis sessions have been prepared.

Films from 14 countries, including Italy, Germany, Hungary, Slovenia, Sweden, Switzerland, Spain, Bulgaria, Denmark, Greece, the Netherlands, Austria, Portugal and France, will be screened in this film week.

Behzad Khorshidi designed the poster for the fourth week of the European film, inspired by the painting “Starry Night” by the famous Vincent van Gogh.

The names of the films and other details of the fourth European Film Week will be announced later.

Previously, three editions of European Film Week were organized by the “Art and Experience Iranian Cinema” and “EUNIC ” in Iran, the third film week of which was held from June 8, 2019 in several cities of Iran, which was also welcomed by the audinece.