Art and ExperienceIranian movie ‘The Fish and the Pond’ is slated to vie at the 37th edition of Fajr Film Festival in Iran.

Directed by Ali Barati, the film will wrap up the technical stage soon to be ready for Fajr Screening.

The film portrays three phases of a scientist’s life – the childhood, the adolescence and his adulthood. He faces several challenges while inventing which causes troubles for his family.

Iran actor and director of ifilm comedy ‘Cops and Robbers’ Saeed Aqakhani is to star in the movie.

As a director Saeed Aqakhani has helmed several TV series some of which was aired by ifilm, including ‘The Occupiers’ (2010), ‘Cops and Robbers’ (2012), ‘Rooster’ (2012) and ‘Bad Days Pass’ (2013-2014).

He has also been in a number of ifilm series such as ‘I’m a Tenant’ (2004) and ‘A Message from the Afterlife’ (2007).

Aqakhani started off as an actor with ‘Flight 57’ in 1993.

He has acted in some movies including ‘The Key to Marriage’ (1997), ‘Whatever God Wants’ (2010) and ‘The Long Farewell’ (2014).

Source: ifilmtv