Art & Experience- Sogand Niazmand: The movie, “Risk Of Acid Rain” won the best bright talent award from the 9th critics and writers association ceremony. Due to this pretext we sent some questions for Behtash Sanaeiha, the director who were in India for the Mumbai Film Festival. “Improvement in cinema is not easy not only in Iran but in all the countries all over the world because we have to admit that there is a complicated race between all the people who are fond of this artistic field in international level and a large amount of these people are talented and with perseverance which it makes the work even harder. For this reason winning the best bright talent award from the 9th critics and writers association ceremony makes me happy because I believe a filmmaker should be confirmed by the critics, juries and audiences of his own country and after that he can think of other countries because I make movies for my own people in first place and my wish is their satisfaction. And whats the better satisfaction other than winning the bright talent award from the hands of my own country’s critics or from the juries of the most important cinema festival of your own country. ” He answered to the first question about the importance of this award.

“Sure this event is important, the critics makes the popular taste level higher and its really necessary for today’s Iran cinema. Sadly, the popular taste level has fallen compares to the 60s and 70s and critics can help considerably the Iranian cinema with entering the right taste and creating culture for spreading the right taste.” The director of “Risk Of Acid Rain” explained the necessity of holding this ceremony which is related to cinema writers.

In the end Sanaeiha described this ceremony as a “Support for the directors with their first movie” and an element for motivation: “Naturally a filmmaker needs support and motivation in all the parts of film making arena. This support should start from the production time in its ideal way which sadly we are not observing it and the first and new directors like me, hardly find a way to provide their budgets. And also a part of these supports should be in the movie’s screening and distribution which is far away in this complicated situation of screening and distribution. In this situation, the attention of critics and writers association to the first works of directors can be really important and give them hope and motivation in their future works.

Risk Of Acid Rain will be screened from 9 November in Art & Experience Cinema Group cinemas.