Art and Experience: Director Ziaeddin Dorri who was mostly famous for his popular TV series “The English Briefcase” (also known as “The English Bag”) died on Friday at the age of 65.

Dorri died of infectious complications resulting from a liver transplant in the Abu Ali Sina Hospital in Shiraz, his son, Navid, told the Persian news agencies.

Dorri directed movies such “Deborah and I”, “Love Is Forbidden”, “Cinema Is Cinema”, “Thunderbolt” and “Whirlpool”, but he was mostly renowned for the TV series “The English Briefcase” starring Leila Hatami and Ali Mosffa aired by IRIB in 2000.

The serial depicts how England influenced decisions in the Iranian parliament during the 1940s by bribing lawmakers.

He also made the TV series “The Pahlavi Hat”, which was aired by IRIB in 2012. The series, which was also about political corruption during the reign of Mohammad Reza Shah, failed to win popular acclaim.

Source: Tehran Times