Art and Experience: On Sunday 12 March the screening of four movies will come to an end in Art and Experience.

“Delta X” directed by Alireza Amini, “Morning is Coming” directed by Yalda Jebeli, “Yahya Didnt Keep Quiet” directed by Kaveh Ebrahimpour and “Ashkan, the Charmed Ring and Other Stories” directed by Mokri are the four films which their screenings will end on 12 March.

Screening of the first feature movie of Shahram Mokri ended after 9 long months. The last screening will be on 12 March at 2 PM in Artists House .

“Yahya Didnt Keep Quiet” the first feature movie of Kaveh Ebrahimpour starring with Fatemeh Motamed Arya started its screening from middle of summer and it was one of the bestsellers of this year(94). The last screening will be on Friday at 7 PM in Cinema Museum.

“Morning is Coming” the first feature movie of Yalda Jebeli started screening from 26 September and its going to end after 5 months. The last screening of this film will be on Thursday 10 March at 6 PM in Kourosh Complex.

“Delta X” directed by Alireza Amini started screening from 27 October in Art and Experience and ended after four and half months. This movie will be on screen on 11 March in Isfahan, Mashhad, Karaj and Chaharsoo Complex of Tehran.

Screening of short films of the day will come to an end and then two new series of short films will take their place which they are successful works of festivals too. Short films like “The Gambler” by Karim Lakzadeh, “Tanazo” by Masoud Hatami, “Cheleh” by Masoud Khayam and “Put my bed in the room” by Amir Todeh Rousta.