Art and Experience: Screening of 5 feature films, 3 documentary and two short films in Art and Experience cinema group will come to the end on Saturday 10 September.

“21 Inch” by Abouzar Safarian, “The Butterfly is Sleeping” by Mazdak Mirabedini, “Sometimes” by Mohammadreza Rahmani, “Earth Runner” by Kamal Tabrizi, “River’s End” by Behrouz Afkhami, “There is No Heaven for Goungadin” by Gholamreza Nematpour, “Boys with Broken Ears” by Nima Shayeghi and “Stars Valley” by Elham GhareKhani and Mehrtash Mahdavi are the eight films which their screening will be end.

“Fish and Cat” has limited screening in Artists House and the film with the most time duration of being on screen in Iran will be off the screen soon. “Parviz” screening, a film made by Majid Barzegar finished its screening in others cities but it remains being on screen in Tehran. Two packages of short films finished screening too and the new era of screening films will begin on National Cinema day, 11 September.