Art and Experience: If you’re like us and haven’t been able to recover from HBO canceling the great Duplass Bothers comedy-drama series “Togetherness,” then today comes your first step at potential healing. The network is reuniting with Mark and Jay for a brand new anthology series that looks as crazy and awesome as it sounds. For all those who haven’t heard about “Room 104,” this first look teaser will make sure you never forget about it.

Featuring a star-studded rotating cast, including Philip Baker Hall, Amy Landecker, Nat Wolff, James Van Der Beek and many more, the series tells 12 different stories across its 12 episodes, all set in the same hotel room. It’s a relatively simple conceit, but the trailer below makes it very clear that these won’t be your typical hotel guests. Equal parts sensual, slapstick and surreal, it looks like the series will give the Duplass Brothers the chance to make 12 wildy different mini-movies. Now that’s the sound of Peak TV.

“Room 104” debuts on HBO July 28.

Source: indiewire