Art and Experience: A three-day program of “The Chinese Cinema at a glance” will take place on the 15th to 17th of August in the Cinematic Group of Art and Experience.

The program “The Chinese Cinema at a glance” will be held from Wednesday, August 15-17, in six cities of Tehran, Shiraz, Isfahan, Tabriz, Kerman and Babol by Art and Experience Group. The program will be held on Wednesday, August 15, at 5 PM with the presence of Chinese embassy officials, other ambassadors and ambassadors, cultural advisers, artists and prominent cultural and artistic figures will be opened at the Cinema Museum of Cinematography.


In the “The Chinese Cinema at a glance” program, three feature films from China are featured. The film “Aftershock”, directed by Xiaogang Feng, a 2010 product, is screened as the first film of the program after the opening ceremony. The award winning film, including the Asiatic Film Award, the Palm Springs Film Festival Award, the Golden Phoenix Award, the China Trade Union Award, and many others.

The movie “The Mountains May Depart,” directed by Jia Zhangke, is the second film that will be on screen in this film week. The film is nominated for the best Cannes Film Festival, nominated for Best Film Festival in Asia, the Best Chicago Film Festival nominee, the winner of the San Sebastian Festival Audience Awards, the Best Film Festival in Hong Kong, and it was produced in 2015. The movie “A Tale of Three Cities ,” directed by Mibul Chion and produced in 2015, is the third film in the “The Chinese Cinema at a glance” program, which is nominated for the best film of the Hong Kong Film Festival.

The Films are free for the people interested in watching these movies.