Art and Experience: New number of Art and Experience Monthly Magazine was published. The last 15 pages are in English.

You can read different articles as below:

A Review on Dingomaro, Directed by Kamran Haydari/Simple but Structured

A Review on “A Very Ordinary Citizen” Directed by Majid Barzegar/Ordinary Experience of Art

A Review on “Wednesday” Directed by Soroush Mohammadzadeh/Ascending Slope to Collapse

A Review on Mamiroo Directed by Hadi Mohaghegh/Self-Destruction and Death-Seeking/ Because of Love and Suffer

A Review on Scissors Directed by Vahid Lakpour/Conduct of Punishment/Scissors Has Two Totally Different Identity Parts

An Interview with the First Secretary of Bulgaria Embassy/Independent Cinema Owes to All the Moviegoers,Who Want To Watch Serious, Socially/Engaged and Sincere Cinema

A Review on “Rehearsal for Performance” Directed Mohammad Ali Sajjadi/Story of Two Worlds

An Interview with Kamran Haydari about His Two Documentaries; “My Name Is Negahdar Jamali and I Make Westerns” and “Dingomaro” /From Negahdar Jamali to Hamid Saeed

A Review on “Iran Is My Hometown”, Directed by Parviz Kimiavi/Deconstruction in Forgotten Traditions!


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