Art and ExperienceThe Independent Short Film Festival is to be launched in the Iranian capital city of Tehran in the summer.

Iranian Short Film Association (ISFA), affiliated to House of Cinema, reported it is slated to launch the eighth edition of the Independent Short Film Festival.

Various sections of the festival will screen works by 49 directors out of 431 received films.

‘Alan’ by Mostafa Gandomkar is among the selected films. “Many Kurdish people have lost their homes and families in ISIS attacks. This is the story of one of them,” a festival catalogue described ‘Alan’.

Award-winning short film ‘Animal’, directed by Bahram and Bahman Ark, is another film that will be screened in the festival.

The 15-minute film is about a man who wants to pass the border illegally; so he hunts a ram and decides to escape disguised as the animal.

Ali Reza Qasemi’s ‘Lunch Time’, ‘Not Yet’ by Aryan Vazir Daftari and ‘Birthday Night,’ written and directed by Omid Shams are some of other movies that will participate at the festival.

The eighth edition of the Independent Short Film Festival is scheduled to be screened on August 27-September 6, 2017 in Tehran.