Art and Experience: A festival of French and Iranian female filmmakers will be held at the Iranian Artists Forum in Tehran.

Six Iranian and six French movies will be reviewed during the six-day festival, which will open Monday, the forum announced on Friday.

French Ambassador François Sénémaud, filmmakers Rakhshan Bani-Etemad from Iran, and Marianne Tardieu and Lidia Terki, both from France, will deliver speeches during an opening ceremony.

“Tales” by Bani-Etemad and “Qui vive” (“Insurance”) by Tardieu are scheduled to be screened that day and Terki and Tardieu will hold workshops afterwards.

Julie Bertuccelli’s “La cour de Babel” (“School of Babel”) and Puran Derakhshandeh’s “Hush! Girls Don’t Scream” will be reviewed on Tuesday, while “Facing Mirrors” by Negar Azarbaijani and “Bird People” by Pascale Ferran have been selected for Wednesday.

The festival will continue with screenings of “Two Women” by Tahmineh Milani and “L’avenir” (“Things to Come”) by Mia Hansen Love on Thursday.

“Nahid” by Ida Panahandeh and “La vie domestique” (“Domestic Life”) by Isabelle Czajka will be shown on Friday.

“Paris la blanche” by Terki and “Track 143” by Narges Abyar will be the closing screenings of the event next Saturday.

Several master classes have also been arranged on the sidelines of the festival, which will be organized in collaboration with the Embassy of France in Tehran.

Source: Tehran Times