Art and Experience: Eleven movies by prominent Greek film director Theo Angelopoulos will be reviewed at the cinematheque of the Tehran Museum of Contemporary Art.

The movies will be screened before the review sessions, first of which will be held on Wednesday, the museum announced on Monday.

“Reconstruction” (1970), “The Travelling Players” (1975), “The Hunters” (1977), “Alexander the Great” (1980), “Voyage to Cythera” (1984) and “Landscape in the Mist” (1988) are among the films.

“The Suspended Step of the Stork” (1991), “Ulysses’ Gaze” (1995), “Eternity and a Day” (1998), “Trilogy: The Weeping Meadow” (2004) and “The Dust of Time” (2008) will also go on screen.

The sessions are scheduled to be held every Sunday and Wednesday until September 20.

Source: Tehran Times