Art and Experience: What are your favorite horror movies? Are they the same as your favorite directors’? Check out the list!
Horror movies are great, and worth celebrating — not just on Halloween. There are so many to watch you cannot cram them into one day, anyway. One of my favorite things to do is just know what my favorite directors enjoy watching.

Lucky for us, IndieWire assembled a list of directors who shared what their favorite horror films are over the years, and it is an impressive (and scary) list.

30 Directors Pick Favorite Horror Movies
Robert Eggers – “Nosferatu”

Josephine Decker -“Suspiria”
Guillermo del Toro – “Eyes Without a Face”
Quentin Tarantino – “Audition”

Martin Scorsese – “The Innocents”
Edgar Wright – “Dead of Night”
David Lowery – “Hereditary”

Jordan Peele – “Misery”
Jennifer Kent – “The Texas Chainsaw Massacre”
Luca Guadagnino – “The Fly”

Sam Raimi – “Night of the Living Dead”
Anna Biller – “Peeping Tom”
Christopher Nolan – “Alien”

Andy Muschietti – “Near Dark”
James Wan – “The Others”
Ana Lily Amirpour – “Antichrist”

Bo Burnham – “Raw”
Eli Roth – “Creepshow”
Ben Wheatley – “Eraserhead”

William Friedkin – “Funny Games”
James Gunn – “Green Room”
Gaspar Noé – “Un Chien Andalou”
Video is no longer available:
John Carpenter – “The Exorcist”
Karyn Kusama – “Habit”
Patrick Brice – “Jacob’s Ladder”

André Øvredal – “Poltergeist”
Tim Burton – “The Wicker Man”
Pedro Almodóvar – “Rapture”

Jim Jarmusch – “American Psycho.”
Ti West – “The Shining”
Rob Zombie – “28 Days Later”

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