Art and Experience: Director of acclaimed social drama “Tales” Rakhshan Bani-Etemad in her new documentary is promoting charity for child patients whose parents are unable to cover the cost of medical treatment for their illnesses.

“This film is a labor of love, and my aim is to help charitable acts develop,” Bani-Etemad said during the premiere of the film titled “O Men” at the National Library and Archives of Iran on Sunday.

“A charitable act is shaped by linking human circles, and if this film can help develop love for men and support for child patients, I have achieved my goal,” she added.

The premiere of the documentary was organized by Zanjreh Omid, a Tehran-based charity institute for poor child patients.

Bani-Etemad said, “We should unite to help such institutes become successful.”

In a note published during the premiere of “O Men”, Bani-Etemad wrote, “‘O Men’ is an admiration for man and love for man; an admiration for the voluntary efforts of those who seek a cure for the pains of deprived people.”

A large number of cineastes and artists, including Asghar Farhadi, attended the premiere of the documentary, which is scheduled to be screened at the Art and Experience Cinema, movie theaters that are dedicated to screening art films and other movies aimed typically at a limited audience.