Art and Experience: Tahmineh Milani, the director of such acclaimed movies as “Ceasefire” and “Two Women”, will preside over the jury of the official competition of the Sakhalin International Film Festival in Russia.

Actress Maria Shukshina and filmmakers Alexei German Jr. and Alexei Popogrebsky, all from Russia, and South Korean screenwriter Choi Jung-mi are members of the jury, TASS, Russia’s official news agency, announced on Friday.

Milani is the director of over twenty movies, including “Children of Divorce”, “The Legend of Ah”, “The Hidden Half”, “The Fifth Reaction”, “What Else Is New?”, “Kakadu”, “The Unwanted Woman”, “Payback” and “One of Us Two”.

The first part of her “Ceasefire” psychodramas broke Iran’s box office records in 2006.

The Sakhalin International Film Festival will take place on the Island of Sakhalin from August 24 to 31.

Source: Tehran Times