Art and Experience: Cast and crew meeting event of “Taboo” directed by Khosro Masoumi will be held on Wednesday 16 March in Farhang Cinema.

Farhang Cinema is the host for cast and crew meeting event of “Taboo” in the last days of 1394. In this event according to previous events of Art and Experience, from 8:30 PM the event will start and the poster will be signed by the guest and the movie cast and crew and then after short talks of the movie’s creators, from 9 PM the movie will be on screen for audiences.

“Taboo” is the story of a 67 years old Iranian landowner in North of Iran. In spite of having 3 legal wives he is pushing one of his workers — who has a beautiful 24 years old daughter — to force her into marrying him. The girl is a student in a university in Rasht (a city north of Iran) and is very active in social student activities in the university. At the same time she is in love with one of her classmates who is an elementary teacher in a village near town. They force her to go through the marriage ceremony but she escapes and goes to the school that her lover is teaching. But he can not keep her when the students discover she is there. He sends her to his small apartment in the city who he shares with two of his friends but the apartment is not safe so he sends her to a deserted ship that one of his friends uses to make illegal alcohol and wine. But the man and her father manage to find them for revenge…

Iranian film ‘Taboo’, directed by Khosrow Masoumi, won four awards at the 8th Annual Iranian Film Festival in San Francisco which took place on September 26-27. Two winners automatically have an opportunity to travel to Notre Dame University International Film Festival (NDUIFF) to participate at the NDUIFF in November. Following the worldwide presence,”Taboo” directed by Khosrow Masoumi will be present in Silk Road Film Festival in the main section.