Art and Experience: Iranian short film ‘Gray Umbrella’ has been scheduled to go on screen at the 2018 edition of the CineGlobe Film Festival in Switzerland.

Directed by Mohmmad Poustindouz, the flick is to represent Iran at the Swiss film event.

‘Gray Umbrella’ is based on a loose adaptation of a short story by Argentine writer Fernando Sorrentino, titled ‘There’s a Man in the Habit of Hitting me on the Head with an Umbrella’.

Poustindouz’s ‘Gray Umbrella’ is the story of a man with a bad habit, until a man with an umbrella enters his life.

So far, the film has succeeded to win the Best Short Film award at the 40th edition of USA Film Festival and the best international short film award at the 2018 International Short Film Festival Cine a la Calle in Colombia.

The short film has also been or will be screened in several other film events, including the Corti a Ponte film festival in Italy, the 12th Big Sur Film Festival in the US, and the 3rd Menorca Film Festival in Spain.

The mission of the CineGlobe Film Festival is to challenge the commonly perceived divisions between science and art by demonstrating that they are both essential to interpreting our world.

The 2018 edition of the CineGlobe Film Festival is slated for June 29-July 8.

Source: ifilmtv