Art and Experience:

 Iranian films “Careless Crime”, “The Wasteland” and “The Deer” will be screened at the 10th Bildrausch Film Festival in Switzerland.

Dozens of films from other countries have also been selected to be screened in various sections of the festival, which will take place in the northern Swiss city from June 17 to 19.

Two screenings each have been arranged for “Careless Crime” directed by Shahram Mokri and “The Wasteland” directed by Ahmad Bahrami.

“Careless Crime” is a reconstruction of some events leading to the 1979 Islamic Revolution in Iran where victims and perpetrators meet face-to-face on a cinematic level.

The film starts with a real disaster on August 19, 1978, when hundreds of people died in the flames of an arson attack on the Rex Cinema in Abadan, while screening director Masud Kimiai’s 1974 drama “The Deer”.

In an exciting initiative, the organizers of the festival have also picked “The Deer” to review in Kaleidoscope, a new sidebar program dedicated to screening classics from the world’s cinema.

The film tells the story of a painful reunion. With a gunshot wound and a bag full of stolen money, Qodrat flees to his old schoolmate Seyyed, who is a heavy heroin addict and hardly knows how to help himself. Even the woman he loves only stays with him out of pity. In their despair, the friends slowly find new comfort in each other and try to save themselves – and if they can’t save their lives, then at least they can save their dignity. But there is not much time left, as Qodrat is being chased by the police. A showdown looms.

Shot in black-and-white, “The Wasteland” tells the story of the 40-year-old supervisor at a mud-brick factory in Iran who gets trapped between his boss who wants to shut down the factory, and his colleagues who distrust him more and more.

A jury composed of Austrian filmmaker Barbara Albert, Swedish cinematographer Lisabi Fridell and British critic and filmmaker Neil Young will judge the films at the Bildrausch festival.

Source: Tehrantimes