Art and Experience: Iranian short film ‘Survival’, directed by Masoud Hatami, was awarded as the Best Film at the Stockholm Experimental and Animation Film Festival, SEAFF.

Produced by Tehran Young Cinema Society, Survival won the award for best experimental film competing with films from Spain, America, Turkey, Sweden, Britain, France, Russia and Qatar.

The movie has so far won the Best Director Statuette at the Experimental Short Films section, Special Jury Prize in the international section and Art and Experience Award at the 32nd Tehran International Short Film Festival.

Stockholm Experimental and Animation Film Festival, SEAFF, presents highly recognized artists and directors from the international scene as well as new and emerging independent artists and storytellers. The purpose and goal with SEAFF is to draw attention to filmmakers who through their versatility, artistic originality and creativity leave a unique impression on the art of film.

The event was held on April 24 in Stockholm, Sweden.

Produced by the Iranian Youth Cinema Society (IYCS), the film is about the concepts of empathy and human dignity and it has been on the screen of Art and Experience Cinema halls since March.