Art and Experience: Robert Redford said the Sundance Film Festival won’t change its mission during the presidency of Donald Trump. Instead, the non-profit organization that puts on the gathering will remain committed to supporting and nurturing young artists, not in reframing itself as a voice of the opposition.

“We stay away from politics,” said Redford at the opening press conference at this year’s film festival. “We stay focused on the stories being told by artists … we don’t play advocacy.”

Trump’s inauguration takes place Friday, on the second day of this year’s festival. A protest march is planned on Saturday in Park City, Utah, but the Sundance Institute is not playing a role in organizing that event. Still the incoming president looms large at the indie film gathering. Trump and the entertainment industry have maintained a hostile posture against one another. Major stars have refused to perform at his inauguration ceremony and Trump has lashed out on Twitter at actors and performers like Meryl Streep for criticizing him. For his part, Redford, an avowed liberal and environmentalist, was measured in his remarks on the new Oval Office occupant.

Source: Variety