Art and Experience-Minoo Khani: Immigration is very crucial subjects that make a suitable bed for making any types of documentary-making or narrative for an artist or author. Immigration changes somebody – who has left his hometown for some justified or unjustified reasonsto someone who as if lost an organ of his body. The emptiness never lets him to enjoy the sweet taste of life; empty place of family, friend, love, sky, smell of streets of the city, … they are good reasons for making an art work. Therefore, the idea of immigration has become the subject of a documentary by an Iranian immigrant director, living in Germany. Mahmoud Behraznia in The Prince documentary, which its subject is immigration and refuge like the documentary “Heaven’s Pass” (2001) fixed the lenses of his camera on the face of an Afghan Refugee Jalil Nazari for the second time. Jalil Nazari who is now “cine-star, constructive worker, exile, refugee, father, German citizen” in 1997 when he was only 17 years old came to Iran as a refugee frightened from poverty, war and Taliban. In 1999, he was chosen for acting in “Friday” directed by Hassan Yekta Panah; the film which starts a new page in his life. “Heaven’s Pass” participated in Hamburg Film Festival and made the situation for his presence in the festival. The previous time when Behrznia was company of Jalil Nazari was once he went to Hamburg Film Festival and the result of this trip was to settle in the refugee camp of Coldis, because he legally couldn’t return to Iran. In that time, when Behraznia went to the camp for visiting Jalil, he portrayed the bitter and difficult life of Iranian and non-Iranian refugees who were waiting for the positive answer in small rooms, in a geography near to zero degree area, without permission of working also possibility of having communication with anybody except than the inhabitants of the camp. The “Heaven’s Pass” documentary, which was the contrast of “Lives of Refugees” and “Heaven’s Pass” was the story of wondering and helplessness of the refuges who burst to tears finally. However, the way of his look has changed in “The Prince”, while the main character of “Heaven’s Pass” has went upward in his life and changed to a prince. The subject of the director is not refuge and its difficulties at all. He considered the new condition of him, and some other refugees like him when they are developing in a new land.