Art and Experience: Iranian short ‘Stop’, directed by Mahmoudreza Mafi, will go on screen at the first edition of the BeBop Channel Content Festival in the US.

The theme of the three-minute-long film centers on patience and tolerance in human relationships, which can play a significant role in interpersonal communications and ultimately in the present society.

The film was shot in Tehran, and will now enjoy its first international screening at the BeBop Channel Content Festival in Harlem, the US.

Another Iranian short, ‘The Simple Relationship’ by Shahin Heidari, will also take part at the American festival.

The BeBop Channel Content Festival is a unique festival that rewards its officially selected films and web series with Stock Grants, according to the event’s organizers.

The festival will take place in multiple locations in Harlem over a four-day period in June (4th to 7th), including outdoor events and screenings.

Source: Mehrnews