Art and Experience: Iranian feature film ‘Stammer’ has been selected to vie at the 18th Dhaka International Film Festival in Bangladesh.

Directed by Mohammad-Reza Haji-Gholami, the film narrates the story of a boy whose sister suffers from stammering. The boy goes to a school that has only one class and the other students make fun of her sister for her speech disorder. So, he tries to help her to overcome the problem.

Following his teacher’s advice, the boy tries to buy some books that help his sister get over the stammering; but he faces some challenges that make the film appealing.

Since 1977, the Dhaka fest has been promoting a healthy culture in the film industry in Bangladesh with the main theme of “Better Film, Better Audience, Better Society.”

The 18th edition of the event is slated for January 11-19, 2020.

Source: ifilmtv