Art and ExperienceThe comedy drama “Sperm Whale 2: Roya Selection” premiered Friday at the opening of a new cineplex in Ekbatan, a neighborhood in western Tehran.

Several cast members, including Reza Attaran, Mahnaz Afshar and Vishka Asayesh, attended the debut of the movie.

In his brief speech, director Saman Moqaddam congratulated Manuchehr Mohammadi, a producer who is the owner of the cineplex, for the construction of the complex.

“A sequel to a movie usually doesn’t turn out to be as good as the first one,” Moqaddam said and added, “However, I tell you that this is an exception to that rule.”

He also paid tribute to Ali Moallem, the Iranian producer who died in March. Moallem’s widow, Azar Memarian, and son also attended the premiere.

In “Sperm Whale 2”, Roya who had dreams of migration to the United States finally agrees to marry Arjang Sanubar in her homeland.

The cineplex, which is composed of ten theaters with a seating capacity of 1,400, is located at Megamall, a recently established shopping center.

Election fever gripped the meeting as some members of the cast and crew called upon people to participate in the presidential election, which will be held on May 19.