Art and Experience:  “I’m Nasser Hejazi” screened in Chaharsou complex with the presence of Nima Shahrokhshahi, film and television actress, Vahid Taleblo, Esteghlal team’s goal keeper, Mohsen Irannejad Rah Ahan team player as well as Atila Hejazi the chief child of Nasser Hejazi.

Nima Shahrokhshahi, cinema and television actor pointed out he wished there were more movies about important artists of the country especially when they are alive to remember them, he said: “When I saw Reza Ahadi in the film, I felt pity and regret. It is a pity that the games do not show such figures any more: Ahadi and Ahadis, the new generation is deprived of watching their performance. ”
Shah Rukh at the end of the margins created during this period with annoyance and even complaints about the film have also been raised: “Maybe that depict or narration to the incidents that occurred in the past, for some people doesn’t have good feeling but the truth can not be concealed. What I saw in the film, is based on honesty and I’m always looking for Esteghlal news, as I’ve been a fan during those issues. ”
Vahid Taleblu, who watched “I’m Nasser Hejazi” for the third time, pointed out that he is excited about wonderful and unseen reactions of Nasser Hejazi in the movie and talked about the movie “To collect archive for this movie such as newspapers, the image and etc was very difficult and it is well done. Access to the archive collection that I believe are antiques are not easy, especially since many people have refused to give them to others.