Art and Experience: Iranian director Samaneh Zandinejad plans to stage a monologue titled “Special Relativity” at Zurcher Theater Spektakel (ZTS), which will be held in Zurich, Switzerland from August 18 to September 4.

The 40-minute lecture performance has already secured both nominations for the ZKB Acknowledgement Prize and the ZKB Audience Prize, the organizers have announced.

The monologue will be performed by Bahar Katuzi at the Rote Fabrik Foyer Hall on August 27.

The ancient story of love, jealousy and pain of separation in a scientific way is the dominate theme of the play that is named after Albert Einstein’s physical theory that explains the relationship between space and time.

The play centers on interpersonal matters and surging emotions that are allocated between fields of gravity and black holes only to be brought back to the terrestrial reality of the natural sciences with the help of Einstein’s theory.

Founded in 1980, the Zurcher Theater Spektakel has invited about 40 individuals and theater companies from around the globe whose creations are marked by formal independence, innovative character and artistic ambition.