Art and Experience: Filmmakers Rashed Radwan from Spain and Anis Lassoued from Tunisia have been selected for the juries f various sections of the 14th International Resistance Film Festival.

Radwan, the director of acclaimed documentary films “Target: Heart of Iraq” and “Human Market”, will join the jury for the documentary section while Lassoued, the director of documentary films “Saba Flouss” and “My Shoes”, will be on the panel for the short film section.

Earlier last week the organizers announced that the renowned Iranian filmmakers Majid Majidi and Ahmadreza Darvish have been selected for the jury of the official competition of festival.

In addition, Ebrahim Hatamikia, the director of the acclaimed political drama “Bodyguard”, is scheduled to hold a workshop during the festival, which will be held in Tehran from September 23 to 30 during the Sacred Defense Week to commemorate the anniversary of the 1980-1988 Iran-Iraq war.