Art and Experience: The Iranian National School of Cinema announced on Monday that Spanish film scholar Carlos F. Heredero will visit Iran to hold a course arranged by the school.

“The Role of Cinema History in Film Studies” and “Film History and Film Review” are the topics that will be discussed during the course “Film Studies: Theory, Criticism and Analysis”.

The Iranian National School of Cinema did not mention a date for the course and Heredero’s arrival.

Heredero is the director of Caimán Cuadernos de Cine, a Spanish film magazine. He is also a professor of film history at the ECAM (The Madrid Film School).

He collaborated with his fellow filmmaker Carlos Rodríguez as a writer in the telefilms “Huston y Joyce: diálogos con los muertos” and “Hitchcock: la ficción sin límites”.

He also wrote the screenplays for “Orson Welles in the Land of Don Quixote” and “The Footprints of a Spirit”, two documentaries that were directed by Rodríguez.

Heredero is also a distinguished man of letters by dozens of publications, including “Abismos de pasión”, “Espejos entre ficciones. El cine y el Quijote” and “J.L. Mankiewicz”.

Source: tehrantimes