Art and Experience: Several Spanish cities will be hosting programs in memory of Abbas Kiarostami (1940-2016) through screening a selection of films by the distinguished filmmaker.

The Fundacion Tres Culturas (Foundation of Three Cultures) based in Seville, Andalucia has dedicated the month of October to Kiarostami in a program running from October 4 to 25 by screening “Taste of Cherry”, “Ten”, “Certified Copy” and several more of his films.

Moreover, the International Film Festival of Valladolid (Seminci) is scheduled to pay tribute to Kiarostami in its 61st edition in a retrospective entitled “Querido Abbas, Imprescindible Kiarostami” (Dear Abbas, Indispensable Kiarostami), screening a selection of his most famous movies.

In addition, the documentary “76 Minutes and 15 Seconds with Kiarostami”, a montage film made by Kiarostami’s close friend and collaborator Seifollah Samadian is due to be screened at the event.

The title of the film refers to the duration of Kiarostami’s life, 76 years and 15 days.

The screening will be followed by a session to be attended by Samadian and the festival officials.

The retrospective, which will run during the festival from October 22 to 29, will be completed with films including “Close-Up” (1990), “Through the Olive Trees” (1994), “Taste of Cherry” (1997), “The Wind Will Carry Us” (1999) and several others.

Spanish expert on cinema Javier Toledino along with Iranian expert Ahmad Taheri will review Kiarostami’s “Close-Up” in a program to be held at the Cinema Museum in Girona on October 13. The program will be broadcasted live on RNE Radio 3.