Art and Experience2 Iranian short films have been scheduled to go on screen at Peace Film Festival in Bolivia, September 2017.

‘Confined Space’ and ‘MR.A’, directed by Siamak Ahmadi, are Iran representatives at the South American event.

So far, the two short films have participated at more than 17 international film festivals all around the world.

‘Confined Space’ is about a little girl who asks her father to sign her workbook while she is in her way to school. The father who is under the influence of destructive effects of war signs the work book. He feels surrounded by the confined space of both home and the society.

‘MR.A’ depicts the story of the efforts that human beings make to establish peace on earth even if it ends to inconclusive results.

The Global Peace Film Festival, established in 2003, uses the power of the moving image to further the cause of peace on earth.

The festival will be held on September 18-24, 2017, Bolivia.

Source: ifilmtv