Art and Experience: Six Iranian films will be reviewed at the 11th edition of the Sofia MENAR Film Festival in a special section dedicated to modern Iranian cinema.

“Appendix” by Hossein Namazi, “Leaf of Life” by Ebrahim Mokhtari and “Motherhood” by Roqayeh Tavakkoli will be screened in the section entitled “In Focus: New Iranian Cinema”, the organizers announced on Saturday.

“Orange Days” by Arash Lahuti, “Sheeple” by Hooman Seyyedi and “The Dark Room” by Ruhollah Hejazi are also among the films.

Iranian shorts “Chimney Man” by Meqdad Akhavan, “The American Bull” by Fatemeh Tusi and “Keder” by Abuzar Paknejad will also compete in the festival.

MENAR stands for the Middle East and North Africa Region, and the festival spotlights top cinema productions from these areas.

The festival will be held in the Bulgarian capital from January 15 to 31, 2019.

Source: Tehran Times