Art and Experience: Iranian films “Sleep No More” and “Homa and Sisters” have received nominations at the 2nd Annual Golden Diamond Awards of the Asian Film Festival in Los Angeles.

Written by Iman Davari, “Sleep No More” was nominated for the Golden Diamond Award for best screenplay, while Sahra Asadollahi received a nomination in the best actress category for her role in “Homa and Sisters” by Homa Bazrafshan.

The 2nd Golden Diamond Awards announced the nominees last week. The virtual festival ceremony will go on stream on the official website of the festival.

“Sleep No More” centers on the year 2221. A year in the future when the impossible has become possible. To free the society from evil and immoralities, the Sleep Golden Triangle, controlled by Father, runs a program in which people work in sleep and help Father control people’s minds, thoughts and dreams. Therefore, sleep time has become the common currency to pay for the things you buy or the services you get. The symbol of the Sleep Golden Triangle consists of three concepts: Father, black box and people.

Davari received first prize in the screenplay competition of the Flickers’ Rhode Island International Film Festival (RIIFF) for “Sleep No More” in 2019.

“Homa and Sisters” is about Homa, a depressed girl whose lonely life has left her mentally disturbed and confused. To escape her loneliness, she is living with the false memories that she has borrowed from her sisters’ lives. Although this mind-boggling adventure is enjoyable at first, she gradually learns to live with a past that is as uncertain and ambiguous as her future. She cannot tolerate it and decide to finish this mental adventure but this is not mental anymore.

Other nominees in the best screenplay category are “Allegiance” written by Phillip Hollins, “Klaus; Witch Killer” by Christopher Joseph Washington and “StarPeople: Our Evolution” by Kelly LaCombe, all from the U.S., and “Whispers in the Wind” by Ensadi Djoko Santoso from Indonesia.

The nominees for the best actress award are Zicheng Li for “A Sunburnt Summer” from the U.S., Nhi Do for “Hope And Grace” from Canada, Sofiee Ng for “Apart” from China and Hong Kong, and Jessica Park for “Trust Me” from France.

Source: tehrantimes