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Renowned Iranian stuntman Arsha Aqdasi was severely injured in a crash last Wednesday while shooting a project in Beirut.

“He was in Lebanon, working for a foreign project and was seriously injured when a car he was in turned over,” Aqdasi’s colleague Mehnush Moradi told the Persian service of ISNA on Sunday.

He was quickly transferred to a hospital in Beirut, she said and added he was placed in an induced coma by doctors.

She said that he will undergo surgery in the upcoming days and asked people to pray for him.

No details were published about the film project.

Aqdasi, who has collaborated in a number of international projects including the James Bond 2012 adventure “Skyfall”, is the founder of Stunt 13, a major studio for Iranian stuntmen.

Speaking to the Persian service of MNA on Sunday, Iman Karamian, the director of the Iranian Stuntmen Association, said that Aqdasi has injured his neck in the crash and gone into a coma.

He added that Aqdasi’s sister is in Beirut, preparing arrangements for his surgery.

In January 2019, he and a group of his Iranian colleagues came together in a meeting in Tehran to ask the organizers of Iranian film festivals and events to recognize them as a group active in the film industry.

He came on stage during the meeting held at the Shafaq Cultural Center while his head was burning and announced his plan to organize a festival for Iranian stuntmen.

The first festival for Iranian stuntmen was scheduled to open on May 7, 2019, however, the plan was never implemented.

Aqdasi had said that the festival had the potential to be held internationally.

He said that stuntmen have so far been ignored at the Oscars, and only three festivals in Russia, America and Hong Kong are held for stuntmen.

“We want to be the fourth,” he noted.

Source: Tehrantimes