Art and Experience: Abed Abest’s “Simulation (Tamaroz)” is to be screened in Florence, Italy.

The 8th edition of Middle East Now Film Festival is this film’s second host after the Berlin International Film Festival. This festival, which takes place on April 4 to 9 in Florence, deals with the contemporary art in Middle East countries, and this year it will screen works from Turkey, Morocco, Egypt, Algeria, Lebanon, Tunisia, Qatar, UAE and etc.

“Simulation (Tamaroz)” is to be screened on April 6 at the Cinema La Compagnia. Abbas Kiarostami’s “Take Me Home” is another Iranian film at this festival. “Simulation”, produced by Maryam Shafi’ei, is the production of HichFilm Company. The film’s international distribution is done by Mohammad Atebaei.

Source: irancinenews