Art and ExperienceI Want to Be a King, directed by Mehdi Ganji, will be showcased at the Silk Road Film Festival in Ireland.

Produced by Documentary and Experimental Film Center (DEFC), the feature movie will compete at the 4th edition of Silk Road Film Festival due in March.

The 70-minute I Want to Be a King narrates the story of a man named Abbas that has turned his own home to a guest house in a nomadic area of Iran. With the support of his wife and three children, he runs a successful Eco-tourism business. He has an ambitious dream, creating a new tribe by his own and becoming the sovereign. Therefore, he plans seriously to fulfill his dream and searching for a nomadic girl to be the queen of his tribe. His current wife and children are against this idea and break up with him.

The work has so far received many awards in different international film festivals including the 33rd Fajr International Film Festival, International Documentary Film Festival in Amsterdam, Millennium International Documentary Film Festival (Belgium) and Zurich Film Festival.

Taboo, directed by Khosrow Ma’soumi, Soheila Golestani’s Two and B12 by Amir Niaz are other Iranian movies to be screened at Silk Road Film Festival.

Silk Road Film Festival (SRFF) is held annually during the month of March in Dublin, Ireland.

The Festival celebrates cinema, culture and art, presenting films from regions, which were once part of the historical network of the Silk Road ancient trade routes and focuses in particular on Asian, Arab, Persian, African, Mediterranean and European cinema.