Art and ExperienceIranian director Soheila Golestani’s feature film ‘Two’ received Special Jury Prize at the competition section of Silk Road Film Festival (SRFF).

According to the statement made by the jury of Silk Road Film Festival, Tworeceived the award due to its different look at the Iranian woman, as well as good directing and acting.

The film tells the story of Bahman, a man who comes back to Iran years after living in Europe to sell his father’s house. A 40-year-old man helps him pack the furniture and equipment. This collaboration changes their destiny but not in a good way.

Silk Road Film Festival (SRFF) is held annually during the month of March in Dublin, Ireland.

The festival celebrates cinema, culture and art, presenting films from regions, which were once part of the historical network of the Silk Road ancient trade routes and focuses in particular on Asian, Arab, Persian, African, Mediterranean and European cinema.