Art and Experience: Iranian shorts “If You Go Away” and “Retouch” will be screened at the 12th Tacoma Film Festival in the United States in October.

Directed by Soheila Golestani, “If You Go Away” is a love story about Syrian war refugees.

A couple forced to migrate because of war become separated from each other. The woman tries to fight against her destiny and get back to her husband.

“Retouch” by Kaveh Mazaheri is about a young woman whose husband is trapped under a barbell during a workout, but she declines to save him and, consequently, he dies.

The Tacoma Film Festival will be held in the U.S. city from October 5 to 12.

“Retouch”, which has been acclaimed in several international events, is also scheduled to go on screen at the Hamptons International Film Festival, which will run in New York from October 5 to 9.

Source: Terhantimes