Art and Experience: Three movies from Iranian filmmakers are competing in the 31st Sao Paulo International Short Film Festival.

“Weekend” by Ario Motevaqe, “The Other” by Ako Zandkarimi and Saman Hosseinpur, and “Kallima” by Ashkan Ahmadi are among dozens of other shorts selected from across the world to be screened at the festival, which is currently underway in the southeastern Brazilian city.

“Weekend” is about the Moniri and Kheradmand families, whose members are at the park for a picnic. After finishing the meal, it is revealed that they are here for something else.

“The Other” tells the story of a traditional religious man who, after the death of his wife, suspects that she had engaged in a relationship with another man.

“Kallima” is about a little girl who travels with her father to catch a butterfly on the borders of a hostile territory.

The 31st Sao Paulo International Short Film Festival has begun since August 20 and will announce winners on August 30.

Source: Tehrantimes