Art and Experience: The shooting stage for Behnam Behzadi’s ‘I’m Scared’ is currently underway.

Almost half of the scenes of the film have been captured in streets of Tehran.

Renowned Iranian actor Mehran Ahmadi has recently appeared before the camera in ‘I’m Scared’.

Based on media reports, the new project will be starring Elnaz Shakerdoust, Amir Jafari, Setareh Pesyani, Mehran Ahmadi, and Pouriya Rahimi-Sam.

‘I’m Scared’ will be Behnam Behzadi’s fourth feature film. Other films in his resume are ‘We only Live Twice’ (2008), ‘The Rule of Accident’ (2012), and ‘Reversion’ (2015).

An award-winning director, Behzadi’s ‘We Only Live Twice’ has received many awards, including the Silver Alhambra, an award for best director of a feature-length film, at the Granada Cines del Sur Film Festival in Spain.

His second film, ‘The Rule of Accident’ (2013), was also recognized globally, winning awards at a number of film festivals in Japan, Brazil, Germany, France, and India.

Source: ifilmtv