Art and Experience: The Iranian short film “Shelter” directed by Aboozar Heidari, is to be screened at the Cinema Odeon in Bologna, for the 9th Movievalley International Film Festival on the 17th of October 2020.

Made by Aboozar Heidari, the powerful and simple 2 minutes’ short film has already won prizes at multiple film festivals around the world and tackles the complex and challenging issue of child refugees around the world.

Aboozar Heidari is a graduate of the Broadcasting University of Iran in 2007. Since then he has directed, produced and edited numerous award-winning short films and documentaries for the Islamic Republic of Iran Broadcasting.

In March of 2020, the film won the prize for ‘Best Film about Human Rights’ at the FESTPRO International Film Festival, held in Moscow, Russia. The short film “Shelter” has so far been selected by over ten international festivals around the world since 2018.

Movievalley International Film Festival is in its ninth year and it is held in the town of Valsamoggia in the region of Bologna, Italy. The Italian film festival is divided into seven categories with the first three categories receiving awards of €500 each.

1) Best Italian short film

2) Best international short film

3) Best international short animation

4) International Fellini award for best director

5) Giulietta Masina Award for best female actor

6) Vittorio Gassmann Award for best male actor

7) Gino Pellegrini Award for best set design

Source: Mehrnews