Art and Experience: Shams Langeroodi was on the front page of two Newspapers in the days of “Risk of Acid Rain” screening. Mohammad Shams Langeroodi is a contemporary Iranian poet, author and university lecturer. Contemporary Iranian poet Shams Langeroodi plays recently retired worker Manoochehr. Now left with few friends and an ailing mother, Manoochehr feels aimless and out of balance, so he resumes his former routine of going to work. Then, one day, he decides to try locating an old friend in Tehran. About his beautifully conceived and quietly poetic first feature, director Behtash Sanaeeha said, “It started from an idea, when Maryam [Moqadam] and I talked about our biggest concern — human loneliness, with different aspects like love, death, and eternity.” (Behtash Sanaeeha, 2015, DCP, subtitles, 105 minutes)

اعتماد بهار